FluoroStore by Fluorotherm


Online Store of Fluorotherm's Tubing Products

Here at Fluorotherm, we are always trying to innovate. With the start of a new decade, we have decided to launch our very own online store, the FluoroStore. Starting February of 2010, we will have PTFE tubing, FEP tubing, and PFA tubing products in both Standard and Metric sizes for our most popular IDs and ODs.

With our Fluorostore, we expect to expedite the process of quotations and waiting time for small orders that our customers need soon.

Best of all, our Fluorostore will have our most competitive prices, as well as a secure payment system powered by eBay's Prostore software.

We suggest customers use the Fluorostore for PTFE, FEP, and PFA tubing products with continuous lengths of 1000 feet and under.