Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Fluorotherm's Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are designed for applications where chemical inertness to aggressive fluids is critical.

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The major applications for these units include:

  • Semiconductor
  • Ultrapure
  • Environmental
  • Laboratory
  • Products finishing industries.

These units have been designed with efficient heat transfer as the primary purpose, offering a cross flow heat exchanger with system fluid through shells.


Fluorotherm offers Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with larger areas than other designs. Our new shell tube heat exchanger modeling provides the maximum area, from 15 sq.ft to 90 sq.ft. This capability increase broadens the range of applications for our sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers from laboratory and sampling use to industrial cooling and heating applications.

The unique feature of Fluorotherm designs is that they can be disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, repaired. Replacement of fluoropolymer tube in this non-welded construction is also possible.

The tube side fluid flows through an ultrapure, chemically inert fluoropolymer pathway. The unit can be operated in true counterflow or in parallel flow mode. The unidirectional shell and tube side flows allow for complete purging of the unit after a batch operation is completed. Also, since there is no flow reversal, the formation of stagnant pockets is eliminated during continuous or batch operation.

Key Benefits

  • Ultimate in ultra-purity and chemical inertness
  • Unidirectional shell and tube side flows allow for complete purging
  • Stagnant pockets are eliminated during continuous or batch operation.
  • Unit can be operated in true counterflow or in parallel flow mode.


Standard shell side materials available are PVC and CPVC. PTFE tubing, FEP tubing, and PFA tubing are all available. Selection of tubing type is based on, among other factors, the maximum internal pressure and the expected pressure drop* during operation. Tube side fittings are available either in PFA or PVDF. In order to help you select materials, we have included the "Pressure Drop" and the "Maximum Operating Limits" for your reference.

* Liquid flows through the unit determine the pressure drop for a given tubing type.


  • Shell Side Materials: PVC (P), CPVC (C) Operating temperatures above 140°F for PVC and 200°F for CPVC are not recommended.
  • Tubing Materials: PTFE (T), FEP (F), PFA (P), PVDF (K)
  • Fitting Materials: PTFE (T), PFA (P), PVDF (K)
  • Heat Transfer Area: Ranges from less than 1.0 to 55.0 sq.ft
  • Tubing Type (Code): 1, 2 or 3.

Tubing type corresponds to size

For example, a 4 sq.ft unit with CPVC shell, FEP type1 tubing, and PFA tubeside fittings is described by Model CFP-641.

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Data Sheet

Please complete and submit or print and fax to us at 973-575-0431.

We will have our technical staff evaluate your shell & tube heat exchanger needs. Just fill out this technical data sheet with the information that you now have and fax or e-mail it back to us. Our technical support group will perform the calculations for you and respond promptly.

Parameter    Tubeside      Units/Description Shellside
Heat Load * Btu/hr, Kw *
Process Fluids *

Chemical or otherName *

Fluid(s) Flows * gpm, lb/hr or equivalent *
Temperature, In/Out * deg F or deg C *
Maximum Pressure * psig *
Max. Pressure Drop * psig *
Specific Heat * Btu/lb.0F *
Density or Sp.Gravity * gm/cc or lb/cu.ft *
Thermal Conductivity * Btu/hr.sq.ft.(0F/ft) *
Viscosity * centipoise or lb/ *
Particles, loading *

Type, % *


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