Heat Shrink Tubing

How Heat Shrink Tubing Works

Fluoropolymer materials have a special advantage: a "memory" capability. Applying heat, which is how Heat Shrink Tubing works, activates this memory component.

Normally, tubing is extruded, heated, and then expanded by infusing air into it. The expanded tubing, or the As Supplied Diameter, is what our customers receive. The customer will then slide the tubing over the part needing protection, and then apply something as simple as a heat gun to shrink and seal the part to the Shrink to Diameter.


Fluorotherm's heat shrink tubing is a perfect mix of the security of fluoropolymers with the variety of shapes to which it can conform. Fluorotherm uses a process that differs from competitors which results in more reliable tubing, while using quality resin.

Fluorotherm's heat shrink tubing has an upper use temperature of 400 deg F (204 deg C). The high temperature, corrosion resistant tubing protects covered parts from chemical attack and mechanical damage. The seamless jacket is clear, electrically insulating, anti-stick and shows excellent weathering properties.

Applications for Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Wire Insulation
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Protection for conductors, joints, connections, terminals, etc.
  • Electrical protection of wires and cables
  • Mechanical and Water Protection
  • Typical Fluoropolymer properties, including Corrosion Resistance
  • Wire Repair and Bundling
  • Consult Fluorotherm for Many More...


Currently, Fluorotherm is producing heat shrink tubing technology in FEP tubing, PTFE tubing, and PFA tubing.


Production will start with the production of the most popular sizes of 1.3: ratio of as supplied to shrunk dimensions., and FEP Roll Covers. Fractional sizes will be available in 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4".

The FEP 1.3X shrinkable tubing dimensions are as follows:

Size, Inches As Supplied Recovered Dimensions After Shrinking
Wall Thickness (Inches)
Fract. ID Dec. ID ID ID Min Nom Max
3/8 0.375 0.500 0.383 0.011 0.015 0.019
7/16 0.438 0.580 0.448 0.016 0.020 0.024
1/2 0.500 0.666 0.510 0.016 0.020 0.024
5/8 0.625 0.830 0.637 0.021 0.025 0.029
3/4 0.750 1.000 0.764 0.026 0.030 0.034

Standard lengths of 1 ft, 2ft and 4 ft and 8 ft are available. For longer non-standard lengths please consult Fluorotherm.

FEP Roll covers Shrinkable Tubing sizes, in inches, available as follows:

Ā½ 0.550 0.440
5/8 0.700 0.540
3/4 0.800 0.640
7/8 0.950 0.760
1 1.100 0.880
1-1/4 1.300 1.000

Feel free to consult Fluorotherm on any other customizations you may need at sales@fluorotherm.com

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