Standard Fluoropolymer Tubing

Standard fluoropolymer tubing is available in standard industry sizes. Spaghetti, Metric (mm) and Industrial sizes are available in standard wall thicknesses.

We can produce tubing from all the materials that we work with, including PTFE, FEP, PFA, PVDF, and ETFE resins.

Products meet standard ASTM and LP specifications where applicable. Please visit our Literature Page to view our brochures.

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Fluoropolymer and heat-shrink plastics Anti-Corrosion plastics Fluoropolymer plastics

Qualities of Fluorotherm's Fluoropolymer Tubing:

  • Exceptional heat resistance
  • Chemically inert to all common solvents, mineral acids, bases and organics
  • Unequalled Corrosion resistant
  • Self extinguishing
  • Extremely low moisture retention (<0.01%)
  • Self lubricating, lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer
  • FDA compliant (PTFE, fluoropolymers)
  • USP Class VI approved
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Excellent dielectric strength Very Lubricious - Lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer
  • Low extractables
  • Excellent electrical properties

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